There are PhD and postdoctoral positions available in the group!
Furthermore, there are a few individual scholarship competitions every year, which you might be eligible to participate.

We also offer projects for Bachelor and Master students.

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Dr. Edit Mátyus for further details.

  • Dr. Edit Mátyus
    Publications on Google Scholar, on ResearchGate
    Assistant Professor, Institute of Chemistry, ELTE
    Post-Doc at the University of Cambridge (2014-2016)
    ETH Fellow at ETH Zürich (2010-2011)
    PhD in Theoretical Chemistry (ELTE, 2009)

  • Béla Szekeres
    Junior Research Fellow, Institute of Chemistry, ELTE
    Junior Research Fellow, Institute of Mathematics, ELTE
    MSc in Applied Mathematics (ELTE, 2012)
    BSc in Mathematics (ELTE, 2010)